Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 - Gilbert Training Center Reviews

My kid loves this place. He got bullied a couple times at school, but now I don't think that's a problem. He's very confident in his body and soul.

Aiden Noor

Such a great karate school!!! Clean, modern, professional and kind instructors, who are truly great guiding figures for kids and adults alike. The karate they teach is highly effective and useful.

Berj Parseghian

Great place! Very knowledgeable and passionate instructors. I would recommend them to anyone!

Rick S

World class! You and you're family have come to the right place.

Martin Gosling

If you are looking for professionally run martial arts school run by passionate and experienced instructors, look no further.Ted and Jon Parker are an excellent choice to lead you in your self defence and fitness goals. Part of a Worldwide organisation with access to the best self defence system in the world today. I highly recommend training at the Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 - Gilbert Training Center.

Suzanne Woods

The Parkers are great instructors and genuinely care for all their students. So if your looking for a martial arts studio look no further than Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 Gilbert.

Bobby Sotomayor

The coaches are awesome! Very well rounded training and dedication to students. Their training includes physical mastery of self defense as well as discipline in all other aspects of life. I highly recommend this audio for Martial Arts training!

Jason Rowley

Very passionate instructors, especially with my 3-year-old son now turning 4. I recommend it highly to everyone who want their kids to be confident and disciplined.

Tehmoor Dar

Awesome martial arts studio! You can really tell the instructors are passionate about what they do. My son loves it here. Highly recommended!

Rick Shand

Excellent instructors that care, teaching an essential and amazing system.

Norm Lane

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